Osschaert(Smoked Beer)

A collaboration with Siphon Brewing

Osschaert is a Smoked Rye IPA of 7% ABV brewed in collaboration with Klaas Dellaert and Liesbeth Van Raemdonck of Totem. The malt bill is 30% beechwood smoked malt, 30% rye malt and 40% pale ale malt and it’s hopped with Columbus, Cascade and Chinook. It’s a full-bodied beer with a grassy, subtly smoked flavour and resinous, tropical hop notes. Dellaert’s grandfather comes from the region around our brewery and told stories of being chased by the Osschaert—a shapeshifting monster appearing mostly as a black dog with large claws and fiery eyes. The monster would attack drunk fishermen smugglers in the middle of the night, forcing them to their knees, its terrifying laugh ringing out across the waters.

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