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Years ago, we became passionate about specialty beers. At first, we carefully tasted unknown tripels, but as the desire for the unknown has always been with us, we soon started experimenting with more hoppy, more acidic, more smoked, … flavors. Our interest continued to grow and it didn’t take long before we were closely involved in the founding of the Ghent beer association and the annual organization of the Ghent Beer Festival.

Once we got to know all the richness of the beer market, we made the move to start brewing beers ourselves. Step by step we improved our recipes and our installation. In 2013 we had the feeling that we were making decent beer and we wanted to confirm this by sending two of our creations to brewing competitions. This was an immediate hit : we took third place with an IPA in the Brouwland Beer Competition and we won the first prize with a Chili Stout in the ‘So You Think You Can Brew’ contest.

After this success we had to decide whether we would bring our beers on the market and whether that would add something to the already rapidly growing brewing business. Yes, we can! And our vision as a starting brewery is clear: we want to go for original beers, designed for the discovery minded beer lover. Whether we do so through unorthodox ingredients, bring a balance in the foreign styles in Belgium, or use combinations of the better kitchen, is not the point: we mainly want to create high quality products which always pleasantly surprises the consumer.

We chose Brewery Anders as a brewer for our first beer (Zipacna), made sense since we had already won 1000 liters of this beer through the SYTYCB contest and – more importantly – this brewery has built a strong reputation for consistency and openness to innovation. In October 2014 Zipacna came on the market.
And in 2015 we started brewing on the installation of Bryggja Brewery. Etznab and Chac were first, but there are a lot more to follow!


Our beers are usually available at:

Dranken Geers, Oostakker

De Hopduvel, Gent

Bierhalle Deconinck, Vichte

De Caigny, Essen


Email: info@totembeer.com

Tel: +32 486 66 27 49

Facebook: www.facebook.com/totembeer